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Eat More Cauliflower: Chargrilled Cauliflower Salad

Despite Yotam Ottolenghi’s best efforts to raise the public profile of the humble cauliflower, the last decade has seen a clear and steady decline in its popularity. I was surprised to learn that sales in the UK have apparently gone … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley with Butternut Squash, Courgette and Fennel

Pearl barley is a processed and polished grain that has had the hull and bran removed. It doesn’t have a particularly distinctive taste, and is commonly used in soups and stews as a thickener, where it adds texture and bulk … Continue reading

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Student Recipes – Day 2: Pitta Bread Pizza

Linked to taste, convenience and affordability – as well as sociability –pizza (both frozen and take-away) is frequently listed as one of the most popular student foods. However, it also tends to be relatively high in calories, (saturated) fat and … Continue reading

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Tomato and Basil Salad

I’ve recently spent a couple of weeks back in Los Angeles, where it was an absolute delight to visit the (Downtown) Santa Monica Farmer’s Market once again (held each week on Wednesday and Saturday). As you might expect at this time … Continue reading

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Chatsworth Farm Shop: Spicy Lamb Steaks with Chickpea Salad and Minted Yoghurt

Recently, I strayed from beautiful South Yorkshire and ventured over the border to Derbyshire. It wasn’t a long journey (in fact it’s only a few miles from Sheffield), and a real pleasure to visit another stunning English county. Having lived … Continue reading

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More Ways With Radishes: A Radish, Mint and Feta Salad / Roasted Radishes with Garlic and Rosemary

In the last few months I’ve posted a couple of blogs about radishes (you can trace them back from here), highlighting their wonderful peppery taste, crisp and crunchy texture, and cheerful blush, which is capable of adding a beautiful shot … Continue reading

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Seared Tuna with Napa Cabbage and Radish Salad

A few weeks ago I discovered the fabulous Love Radish website, which is full of interesting recipes, including the wonderful, colourful radish and avocado appetizer that I made for friends. I’ve yet to try cooking with them (roasted radishes with rosemary … Continue reading

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“They are ready when you can pierce them through the heart with a skewer. As you might a vampire.”

 – Nigel Slater on beetroot (from “Tender”) I nearly always return from the farmer’s market with at least one item that I hadn’t planned for. It might be that I’m unable to resist something unexpected, or perhaps there’s one vegetable … Continue reading

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Home-cured Duck Breast: Prosciutto infused with California sagebrush

Just over two weeks ago I spent a fascinating morning foraging for wild greens in the Orcas Park area of Los Angeles with Urban Outdoor Skills leader, Pascal Baudar. Promising to provide an introduction to the edible and aromatic plants … Continue reading

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Tropical Fruits part II: The pomegranate

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about – and experimenting with – the selection of beautiful tropical fruit that I brought home from the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday. And after preparing a wonderful fruit salad and smoothie yesterday, felt that I ought … Continue reading

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