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A Cake for a Rainy Day: Lemon drizzle loaf

I woke up this morning to the sound of heavy rain. Although for most of my life I’ve been used to this – I’m originally from the UK – it’s a far more unusual prospect now that I’m based in … Continue reading

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“They are ready when you can pierce them through the heart with a skewer. As you might a vampire.”

 – Nigel Slater on beetroot (from “Tender”) I nearly always return from the farmer’s market with at least one item that I hadn’t planned for. It might be that I’m unable to resist something unexpected, or perhaps there’s one vegetable … Continue reading

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The Berlin Wall, Chicken Curry, and a Clockwork Orange

It must be impossible to spend much time in Los Angeles without developing a sense of intrigue about the food truck phenomenon that now boasts a fleet of over 200 mobile eateries. There is clearly something very appealing about these … Continue reading

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Home-cured Duck Breast: Prosciutto infused with California sagebrush

Just over two weeks ago I spent a fascinating morning foraging for wild greens in the Orcas Park area of Los Angeles with Urban Outdoor Skills leader, Pascal Baudar. Promising to provide an introduction to the edible and aromatic plants … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pecan Praline Pie

In Britain, it is traditional to celebrate special occasions – including Christmas and weddings – with the help of a fruit cake. Although opinions are divided, it’s my experience that most people really do enjoy the rich mix of fruit, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Treats: Chilli Chocolate Pieces

I’m very much looking forward to hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It’s going to be a rather unlikely event, given by two recent British expatriates and attended by a Canadian and an Australian, who have actually been residents of … Continue reading

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The Rinconada Dairy: Hand-crafted cheeses and a passion for quality food

I’ve always found that arriving at a new destination after nightfall is a particularly special experience. The dark shadows of unfamiliar spaces are inviting and mysterious, full of potential and begging to be explored. This is exactly how I felt … Continue reading

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From Ranch to Range: Eating well in Santa Margarita

San Luis Obispo is a small but vibrant city almost 200 miles north of Los Angeles. At the centre of ranch country, its reputation is linked to the surrounding area where numerous small-holdings, family farms, homesteads and dairies work to … Continue reading

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Tropical Fruits part II: The pomegranate

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about – and experimenting with – the selection of beautiful tropical fruit that I brought home from the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday. And after preparing a wonderful fruit salad and smoothie yesterday, felt that I ought … Continue reading

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Tropical Fruits: A healthy Los Angeles breakfast

Yesterday’s trip to the vibrant and appetizing Farmer’s Market (at 3rd and Fairfax), resulted in my bringing home a bounty of wonderful tropical fruit. The vivid colours and distinct appearance make it a visually stunning still life, and the aroma … Continue reading

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